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Blogs from January, 2018

Attorney Chris Hesse Attends TCDLA 5th Annual Lone Star DWI Seminar


The Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association (TCDLA) was founded in order to protect the peoples’ rights by empowering criminal defense lawyers in the state who may one day need to defend them from overzealous prosecutions and an unforgiving criminal justice system. The organization hosts events and gatherings that bring together some of the best criminal defense attorneys in the state and provides them with furthered legal education and practice knowledge. Through attendance to these TCDLA events, a defense lawyer will be all the more better equipped to tackle even the most complex and difficult criminal defense cases on the books.

Attorney D. Chris Hesse of The Law Offices of D. Chris Hesse in Amarillo recently had an opportunity to attend a TCDLA event. On January 26th, 2018, the TCDLA 5th Annual Lone Star DWI seminar was hosted at Wyndham Garden Austin hotel in Austin, Texas and Attorney Hesse attended. It proved to be a prime opportunity for Attorney Hesse to advance his driving while intoxicated (DWI) law comprehension and defense abilities. As his case results can attest, he already had considerable skill in this practice area.

Some of the key topics covered by guest speakers at the seminar included:

  • Not Guilty vs Super Goliath: Taking Down Intoxication Manslaughter Cases
  • DWI Defense 101
  • Suppressing Blood Test Results
  • Using Science in DWI Trials

The overview of the entire seminar was highlighting the inconsistencies and other weak points in blood evidence common to DWI cases and trials. Prosecutions are likely to rely almost-entirely on blood evidence and sample data to secure a conviction. If a criminal defense attorney can challenge that key evidence successfully, then their client’s chance at a case dismissal or not guilty verdict will rise dramatically.

For more information about the Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association, you can click here to visit the organization’s official website. If you would like the unwavering, experienced counsel of an Amarillo criminal defense attorney you can count on, you are encouraged to contact The Law Offices of D. Chris Hesse at your first opportunity.