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Blogs from May, 2020

Attorney D. Chris Hesse Published in The Defender

Attorney D. Chris Hesse Published in The Defender

What You Need to Know Before Defending the Lawyer Client

You might be surprised to learn that lawyers, too, can commit crimes. While they typically defend the accused, alleged actions can turn them into the accused as well. As such, those lawyers need a lawyer. This is a big responsibility for the attorney defending the lawyer client, because a guilty verdict will result in the lawyer client losing their license to practice law, which means they also lose their career.

Attorney D. Chris Hesse once defended a lawyer client, and shares valuable advice based on his experiences.

Published in the Harris County Criminal Lawyer’s Association’s (HCCLA) 2019 issue of The Defender, Attorney D. Chris Hesse’s article “Defending the Lawyer Client” explains what attorneys should be aware of before choosing to represent their lawyer client.There are various issues involved in defending a lawyer client, and attorneys should be aware of them before agreeing to represent their colleagues. Click here to read his article!

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