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Blogs from August, 2018

Attorney Chris Hesse Completes Forensic Drug Analysis IX Course

Forensic Drug Analysis

We are pleased to announce that our criminal defense attorney, Chris Hesse, has successfully completed the Forensic Drug Analysis IX Course. With this new certification issued by the American Chemical Society, attorney Hesse can represent people charged with possession of controlled substances, possession with intent, and manufacturing competently in terms of the essential element of the crime charged.

The Forensic Drug Analysis Course is a hands-on tutorial that educates legal professionals about all drugs of potential abuse, including:

  • Illicit drugs
  • Marijuana
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Synthetic cannabinoids,
  • Synthetic cathinones

Lawyers who pass this course don’t just learn about forensic drug analysis, but also get real-world experience with the current scientific techniques used to test drugs of abuse in their pre-consumption form.

Forensic Drug Analysis IX July 2018

After completing the course, attorneys are able to understand following things:

  • How drug testing in pre-consumption form (solid drug dose) is conducted for virtually all drugs of abuse
  • Sources of uncertainty (misidentification) of the qualitative measure
  • Sources of uncertainty (wrong concentration or weight) of the quantitative measure
  • Representative sampling
  • Validation of methods
  • Bench work
  • Federal Analog Act prosecution

For far too long, lawyers across the nation have had to stipulate whether or not seized evidence is an illegal drug just because of one sentence that shows up in a crime lab report. With the tools gained in this valuable course, attorney Hesse can help you fight back against a misleading crime lab report and other false allegations regarding drug crimes.

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Chris Hesse in labChris Hesse in lab

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