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Blogs from August, 2017

Attorney Hesse Honored by Tracy Cluck & Voice for the Defense Magazine


Voice for the Defense magazine is a popular legal publication that covers a wide variety of topics and areas of interest within the legal world. Within its articles, it also has a “Shout Out” section that allows legal professionals to bring attention to and honor their peers who have made incredible recent achievements.

Our team at The Law Offices of D. Chris Hesse are excited to be able to say that Attorney Tracy D. Cluck of The Law Office of Tracy D. Cluck has taken the time to speak to Voice for the Defense magazine about a recent victory at our firm. The magazine was so impressed by his recognition and our work that it decided to publish his “shout out” in its July/August 2017 issue. (You can view the snippet yourself by clicking here to load an online PDF version of the publication and scrolling to page 20.) We want to take this time to thank Attorney Tracy Cluck from the bottom of our hearts, and also Voice for the Defense magazine for publishing his honoring statements.

Details of the “Shout Out” Worthy Case

Attorney Hesse’s client – who shall remain unnamed for privacy purposes – was pulled over after a police officer claimed to see him run over some traffic cones near the site of an accident. The defendant apparently submitted to standard field sobriety tests and a blood draw, which was reported to be 0.195% blood alcohol concentration (BAC) level. Within the pretrial discovery period, the arresting officer claimed the field sobriety tests were conducted but a technical support officer told the court that there was no such recording of those tests.

Attorney Hesse got to work in the trial by attacking the legitimacy of multiple types of data used as evidence against his client. After the State would not provide copies of dash cam and security footage from the precinct, Hesse argued that his client was effectively robbed of his right to not testify. When the prosecution told the jury to “use common sense,” Amarillo Criminal Defense Attorney Chris Hesse pointed out that it was effectively the same as asking the jury to lower the State’s evidential burden. In less than half an hour of deliberation, the jury found Hesse’s client as not guilty.

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