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Blogs from July, 2017

Attorney Hesse Speaks to ABC7 About Fritch Police Department Turnover


Currently, the Fritch Police Department only has four officers on staff, including the Chief of Police. Even though the town, located about 40 miles north-northeast of Amarillo, Texas, is relatively small, having only four police officers is unusual. The city manager, Mr. Drew Brassfield, has insisted that the number is not an issue. Others see the high amount of officer turnover as a reason for concern.

In May of 2017, Officer Carrie Driscoll was terminated from her position within the department, apparently for insubordination. In July, just two months later, she was rehired into the Fritch Police Department. However, shortly afterwards, she was terminated again. Ms. Driscoll states that a general lack of leadership in both the police department and the city of Fritch itself can be to blame for the unusually high turnover rates.

In order to gain some insight into what might be the cause of Fritch’s police department troubles, the ABC 7 newsgroup came to D. Chris Hesse for a brief interview. Hesse is a Texas Municipal Police Association attorney, who are tasked with protecting the rights of law enforcement officers in any sort of case or discrepancy that could reach the court. This position, as well as his service as a United States Marine, gives Attorney Hesse a unique perspective into issues such as the ones faced by the Fritch PD.

Hesse commented that Ms. Driscoll is a “woman of action” who genuinely “cares about Fritch.” She also spoke to ABC 7 and indicated her interest in becoming the mayor of the small city. With a positive testimony from Attorney Hesse, her standing in the next mayoral election could be increased. As someone who has worked for years in Fritch as a public servant and a police officer, she would certainly have unexpected knowledge about how the police department is being run, and how that impacts the rest of the community.

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