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Blogs from June, 2018

Attorney D. Chris Hesse Receives Certificate in Forensic Chromatography XXI: Theory & Practice


Many high-stakes criminal defense cases come down to precise scientific evidence and testimonies brought forth by scientific experts who either back or contest it. Everyone else in the courtroom generally has to take the word of these scientists at face-value and hope they are accurate. This is not ideal, as it creates a wide opportunity for evidence to be misused or misrepresented in favor of the prosecution.

In order to further improve the already-impressive quality of his criminal defense advocacy, Attorney D. Chris Hesse of The Law Offices of D. Chris Hesse in Amarillo has received a certificate in Forensic Chromatography XXI: Theory and Practice from Axion Analytical Laboratories, Inc. On June 9th, 2018, he completed a hands-on 40-hour course that comprised several seminars and laboratories.

Forensic chromatography, also called gas chromatography, is an intricate scientific process that can be used to analyze nearly any material or substance on a microscopic level. The science is commonly used to identify clothing fibers, blood samples, and explosives at crime scenes. With his certification, Attorney Hesse has an unquestionable comprehension of the process, how it should be used, what evidence it can reveal, and, perhaps most importantly, how it can be done incorrectly to inadvertently create misleading proof. He is equipped better than ever to defend the rights of his clients accused of serious crimes, such as murder and sexual assault.

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