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Blogs from March, 2017

Attorney Hesse Featured in Texas Fish & Game Magazine


A legal article written by Attorney D. Chris Hesse of the Law Offices of D. Chris Hesse was recently featured within the March 2017 issue of Texas Fish & Game magazine. The article – “Gun Law: Commit Even a Misdemeanor and You Could Lose Your Gun Rights” – covered how Texas views Licenses to Carry (LTC), who qualifies to possess these licenses, and what criminal actions can constitute the removal of a person’s gun rights. In specific, Attorney Hesse discussed how even a misdemeanor crime could be considered severe enough to permanently revoke a convicted individual’s LTC.

As the biggest, most-widely-distributed Texas magazine regarding outdoor activities, Texas Fish & Game is read by an estimated 100,000 people each month. With hunting a popular pastime throughout the Lone Star State, the publication, which is found printed and digitally posted, keeps hunters up-to-speed with Texas gun laws and pertinent changes that could affect the sport. Due to its connection to both legal updates and enjoying the great outdoors, Texas Fish & Game magazine is expected to continue to grow in popularity, allowing more articles like Attorney Hesse’s to reach more people.

(Interested parties can click here to visit the magazine’s website and browse digital issues – subscription or membership may be required.)

Defend Your Right to Protect Yourself

Many gun owners carry firearms for self-defense or the defense of their families. Losing a license to carry due to misdemeanor offenses or convictions takes away this basic right.

If you have been accused or charged of a misdemeanor of any class in Texas, talk to Amarillo Criminal Defense Attorney Chris Hesse of The Law Offices of D. Chris Hesse. He is reputable within the courtroom for providing excellent criminal defense to clients, and without for his 10-year service in the United States Marine Corps, where he learned the value of protecting those in need.

Contact our firm today to begin your defense and protect your right to bear arms.