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Blogs from February, 2017

Attorney Hesse Represents Two Officers Involved in Shooting


Attorney D. Chris Hesse is proud to be representing two officers who were recently involved in a shooting in the city of Panhandle, thanks to his work with the Texas Municipal Police Officer’s Association (TMPA). As part of the TMPA, Attorney Hesse provides high-quality, pro-law enforcement legal counsel that defense officers involved in complex legal matters, including shootings and accusations of excessive force or assault.

The shooting occurred just before 4:00 A.M. at the Department of Public Safety office in the city. Two suspects had been taken into custody for the charges of trafficking illicit drugs, when one suspect produced a handgun and fired at the deputies. The officers returned fire, striking one of the suspects, who was later pronounced dead at the scene. The other suspect was taken back into custody.

Texas Rangers are currently investigating the incident. The suspects have been identified as Yia Lee and Phan Toyad, both of Sacramento, California. Lee was killed in the firefight, while Toyad was not charged.

Neither of the deputies were injured in the incident, and both were placed on administrative leave with pay, which is standard procedure during any officer-involved shooting in order to allow the investigation to proceed.

Attorney Hesse is tasked with defending the actions of the deputies as justified in court and throughout the investigation. Attorney Hesse is proud to represent the men and women of law enforcement, and is working tirelessly for a positive outcome to this case.

Attorney D. Chris Hesse is a dedicated and knowledgeable Panhandle criminal defense attorney who can help defend you in your case too. While serving in the Marine Corps, he took an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America, which was later reaffirmed by taking the oath as a Texas attorney. Attorney Hesse knows how important law and order are to protecting your rights and freedom from criminal accusations, and his aggressive and vigorous style of defense has led to numerous trial successes, including motions to suppress evidence, case dismissals, and not guilty verdicts.

If you need assistance with a criminal issue of your own do not hesitate to call The Law Offices of D. Chris Hesse today at 806.686.2142 and schedule your initial consultation!