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Blogs from January, 2017

TMPA Officers Involved in Shooting Death of Christopher Garza Call Upon Attorney Chris Hesse


Attorney Chris Hesse strives hard to protect the individual rights of all his clients, including his TMPA clients.

Four Hutchinson County Sheriff's Deputies, who are also TMPA members, engaged in a firefight on Thursday, January 19th, 2017, at approximately 4:50 p.m., with an armed and dangerous felon, Christopher Garza, in Fritch, Texas. Christopher Garza had attempted to kill the newly elected Hutchinson County Sheriff just one day prior. One of the four Deputies, Gloria Robles, suffered a gunshot wound during the shootout and was airlifted to Northwest Texas Hospital in Amarillo, Texas.

Immediately after the gunfight, Attorney Hesse received an emergency call from one of the Deputies to come to the scene. Three of the officers involved in the shooting were still on scene when Hesse arrived. Attorney Hesse consulted with his TMPA clients about what happened in the shooting with Christopher Garza and Deputy Gloria Robles, and the legal considerations of officer-involved shootings. Most importantly, Attorney Hesse's job was to preserve the officer's rights during the course of the Texas Rangers investigation.

Attorney Hesse also visited Deputy Gloria Robles later that evening at the hospital. Robles was the fourth TMPA officer involved in the shooting. She was released from Northwest Texas Hospital in Amarillo the next morning.

Attorney Hesse continues to represent his TMPA clients during the course of the Texas Rangers investigation that is still ongoing.

Attorney Hesse strongly believes that an educated client is a protected client. Attorney Hesse zealously pursues his clients' interests.

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